Classes Offered

We offer classes at different age ranges and levels. From beginner to advanced. We accept kids as young as 3 years old (potty trained) all the way through adults.

We have two sessions, a fall session which follows the school year and a summer session that runs for 6 weeks from mid-June to the end of July.

All of our classes are 45 minutes once a week per dance style.

We also have adult classes. Call the studio for more information.

  • Acrobats:  Starting at age 3 (potty trained).
    Acro class teaches tumbling skills such as cartwheels, front and back walkovers, back handsprings, tucks, aerials, etc. We also work on flexibility.
  • Tap: Starting at age 4.
    Tap class helps develop rhythm and coordination while learning to make music with your feet.
  • Jazz: Starting at age 6.
    Jazz class combines upbeat dance styles with different influences all the way from ballet to hip hop.
  • Ballet: Starting at age 6.
    Ballet class is the technical foundation for all forms of dance, teaching students strength, poise, flexibility, and the technique to excel in any style of dance.
  • Baton: Starting at age 6.
    Baton class teaches twirling fundamentals and hand-eye coordination.
  • Hip Hop: Starting at age 6.
  • Stretch and Conditioning (Studio Exclusive): Starting at age 6.
    Stretch and Conditioning class helps dancers improve flexibility through stretching and build strength through conditioning.
  • Leaps and Turns (Studio Exclusive): Starting at age 6.

    Leaps and turns class focuses on improving jumps and turns as well as learning new variations and styles. (Must take ballet and/or jazz)